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Welcome to SaberBallBlog, a community for learning, discussing, and researching the finer points of baseball’s advanced statistics. Known as sabermetrics, their foundation comes from the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). SABR has been curating baseball research, documenting the game’s history, and holding conferences since 1971. It was out of statistically based research articles published within the Society that sabermetrics arose.

Sabermetrics are a great way for a fan to experience the game of baseball. They are not essential to being or becoming a fan, but they can significantly increase enjoyment. The statistically based approach has become the way of thinking for many MLB Front Office executives. Learning and studying their use allows you to think like some of the real-life General Managers and understand the thought process in their decision-making.

At SaberBallBlog, you will find writing that embraces this approach toward baseball. Posts cover all 30 teams, their associated minor league teams, the draft, offseason transactions and free agency, MLB Rules and culture, and everything in between. Readers who are comfortable with the field will feel right at home, and will find a consistent outlet in which they can participate and derive analysis.

This does not mean that a reader must believe in or understand sabermetrics to read and engage here. SaberBallBlog covers everything about the field, including the basics for newcomers and the shortcomings for the skeptical. This community encourages readers of all backgrounds to contribute their thoughts, questions, and concerns toward sabermetrics. New approaches to anything require refinement and curation to push it forward. The best technique to achieving this involves as much testing from as wide and diverse a community as possible. It is in this way that SaberBallBlog becomes “Empirically Baseball”.


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