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August 2016

The Best Players in Baseball to Lead Off Your Team’s Inning

The effect of how the lineup is set has been well-documented. But after the first inning or two, the order largely gets jumbled, and different players come to the plate at different points in the game with different leverages. With this in mind, which players have been the best this year at leading off an inning for their team(s)?

The Blue Jays Quietly Have One of the League’s Best Rotations

The Blue Jays starters all get similar, stellar results, even though their peripheral stats may not suggest it. They do this by collectively using a wide range of movement on their fastballs, and attacking the zone with them. This has helped them maintain one of the lowest BABIPs in the league, and generate the highest values on their fastballs both individually, and as a group. Marco Estrada in particular has generated a prolifically low BABIP, and should he continue this level of performance, it would not be shocking to see him garner AL Cy Young votes. While their success has not been heavily covered this year, the Toronto Blue Jays rotation is poised to help them make a deep playoff run this MLB Postseason.

Analyzing the Yankees 2016 MLB Trade Deadline by Prospect Surplus Value

The New York Yankees were able to turn $4.6 million of this year’s money into over $190 million of future money at the 2016 Trade Deadline. Here’s how they were able to pull it off.